The Objective of Patronato


Our principal objectives are:

  • Give aid and attention to children with mental and motor deficiencies.
  • Give technical and moral support to the families of those children.
  • To deliver this support at our Rehabilitation Center.


Our Programs


1. Regular Program - When a child comes to our Center daily, these are the programs he or she participates in:



We work with children from 45 days old to 7 years old that have altered motor skills with or without mental deficiency.

Physical Therapy

Absolutely all of our students receive a personalized program of physical therapy throughout the week.

Independent Life
Level I

This program is designed to give our students the basics of self sufficiency.
We work to establish:

  - The ability to help themselves

  - The ability to do so in phases in a familiar environment

  - The ability to do so within the environment of the school

  - The ability to do so within society at large

Independent Life Level II

This is a more advanced program of Independent Life, where the students can begin to help at home, cooking, cleaning, using public transporation, etc.


This program teaches children with physical handicaps the basics requirements for formal education.

Primary or Grammar School

This program gives our children the nationally approved curriculum for Grades 1 through 6.

Secondary or High School

This is the nationally approved curriculum for high school for our students, with or without disability, who are seeking an integration into society.


Workshops for work that is appropriate to the skills of the students.

2. Home Program- For those children who cannot come every day or for whom we do not have room in our daily program, we have an "out-patient" program of two to three visits per week.


3. Open Appointment Program - For children living in remote rural areas, we provide consultation both in our office and in their home.